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  1. I noticed that keyframes on "hamburger" element doesn't work if I add gsap on this element .animationToggler { animation: animationTogglerMenu .8s ease; } @keyframes animationTogglerMenu { 100% { transform: rotate(360deg); } } Just add this line of code to the timeline "preloaderTl" .from('.hamburger', 0.3, {x:-100,}) How to make keyframes work?
  2. I wanted that after the page is loaded the entire content of the page appeared, but when i added spawning animations on the ".hamburger" the rotation animation does not work then, but but as I remove reappearance animations it all works. How do i have rotation and appearance animations? I don't understand why keyframes don't work the line of code that causes the element to appear, when it is deleted, rotation will work .from('.hamburger', 0.3, {x:-100,})
  3. Why the timeline is run only once after pressing the arrow? I would like it to be executed every time you click right arrow. I tried different timeline layouts in the code but it didn't help. the arrangement of the subtitles on the computer looks better :D
  4. @GreenSock thank you very much, you are greate What's the difference between pause: true and paused: true?
  5. I have question, I wanted reverse animation "showMenuList"(this is pink background), but this not working, where is mistake? I tried many methods but I failed, pls help
  6. Thank you very much🤩
  7. Hello I would like to letters in <span> animate in sequence, not the whole word I tried to do it myself, but I failed😅
  8. I want that animation make it after click menu button. I tried "if" and "function", but it didn't work out.