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  1. Hi Zach, thank you very much for pointing out what is causing the bug! I was able to make this work and still look half-decent. I wrapped container2 in div with position: relative, then pulled out draggable element with position: absolute just above conatiner2 so it looks like div relative .draggable absolute .container2 fixed it's a bit hacky but it works. Thank you once again and I'm looking forward to use GreenSock scroll plugin. Wishing you guys best of luck while developing it! Have a nice day
  2. Hello, I have following setup: let tl = new TimelineMax(); tl.from('#draggableElParent', 1.5, { opacity: '0' }, "-=1.5") let scene = new ScrollMagic.Scene({ triggerElement: '.container', triggerHook: 0, duration: "400%" }) .setPin('.container') .setTween(tl) .addTo(controller) const drag = Draggable.create("#draggableEl", { type:"rotation", bounds:{ minRotation:0, maxRotation:180 }, onDrag: function(){ // this won't work until animation is finished } }) The problem is I can't rotate this #draggableEluntil scene animation is finished. Is this bug or a problem in my configuration? It seems like only rotation doesn't work until animation is finished Here I reproduced my problem: