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  1. Yes, the thing that deceives me is the initial text which is a third variable, however now I try to review the logic !! Thank you
  2. Hi everyone, I have to create pages that have 4 animations each that can be activated at the click of 4 focus points that I inserted in an svg image, the animation hides the initial text and makes the text of each focus point appear, for the first I managed the problem occurs when I have to animate the others, who have to hide both the initial text and the contents of the other focuses already seen by the user. In practice, if I click 1 it hides 2,3,4 and the initial text, if I click 2, it hides 1,3,4 and so on. I gathered to also set the reverse function so that if I double click on a focus point the initial text reappears, but when I go to add the others everything overlaps. Do you have any suggestions, I mainly used #IDs maybe I need to organize better in classes ??
  3. Yes it is a good suggestion I for external scripts I use a fantastic "advanced script" plugin where you can control very well what you have to load, but there are other methods as well
  4. I use gsap easily with oxygen and it works fine, once you have the cdn, with the codeblocks in the pages you can do everything from the javascript tab