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  1. Yes I've inspected it before but I couldn't understard or find any logic
  2. You can check his site out if it helps https://jmswrnr.com/
  3. We are getting close. Thank you I'll play with it and I'll tell you tomorrow!
  4. This one with the pseudo elements it could be very good but if you see the video that I send at start it's a cursor with opacity 0 and when hovering it becomes a border
  5. I've modified a little bit the code but I have no idea where to put the image for the cursor or how. Can you help me ? https://codepen.io/sIRENGR/pen/bGVEgde
  6. I'll give it a try
  7. Thank you very much but I already have seen those. I think it's a bit more difficult to make the cursor be border/corsshair/marker (don't know how this looks like) or at least it is for me and I hoped if someone had any idea especially for this.
  8. Hey, I've seen this animation when hovering but I have no idea how to do it. Perhaps someone can help me with this please? Hover.mp4