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  1. Yes, and I want to do that, but the thing is that if you hold the SHIFT key and click on an item that is already selected, it doesn't deselect (like the CONTROL key works). That's what I fixed.
  2. Hey, I noticed that you can select/deselect multiple items using Control, but using Shift you can only select items, which looks weird. So just to share, I fixed this, on line 1049 change this: if (isKeyDown(Keyboard.CONTROL)) { For this: if (isKeyDown(Keyboard.CONTROL) || isKeyDown(Keyboard.SHIFT)) { It worked for me. Cheers, Sandro
  3. Hey - I am using the TransformManager for a project, and the objects used are images with transparency. The problem is that the TransformManager uses the main instance to add the mouse listeners, and if there is an image like a elipse, the corners will be considered. Is there an easy way to adjust this? I was thinking of using like a hit MovieClip inside each object (with the actual shape of the image), and change the listeners in TransformManager.as to this MovieClip, but then if you have the object selected, and try to move clicking on the transparent area, it will deselect. I tried to use a BitmapData as a hit, but didn't work well. Thanks a lot guys! Sandro