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  1. @OSUblake for the case of Angular, I have the refresh in the OnInit hook method. This is just after registering the plugins and before using the scrollTo plugin. A brief below. ngOnInit() { gsap.registerPlugin(ScrollTrigger); gsap.registerPlugin(ScrollToPlugin); ScrollTrigger.refresh(); // refresh here ... gsap.to(window, { scrollTo: { y: this.triggers[i].trigger, autoKill: false }, overwrite: true, duration: 1, ease: 'expo.out' ... }); } I am guessing the ScrollTrigger.refresh() worked for my case because the elements used with the scroll plugin are the triggers on my ScrollTrigger config. For context, It is for the implementation I was assisted with here:
  2. @OSUblake just a quick update, I have found a solution to my specific problem. I have used the below: ScrollTrigger.refresh(); This made the scroll(ScrollTrigger & ScrollPlugin) to adhere to the framework specific way of scrolling to the top on route change. Thank you!
  3. @OSUblake Ok ok I see, thank you so much for taking the time to correct the pen. I appreciate, it really helped clarify the usage of the functions
  4. @OSUblake thank you, do you mean something like this? https://codepen.io/Teebo/pen/WNOJBGJ Am I understanding?
  5. Sorry about that, the pens were not saved and shared old version, I have shared the wrong link for the first one. I have updated the links now, thank you.
  6. Hey @Cassie I have tried the gsap.quickSetter() function. I might be using it wrong as I do not get smooth animation of the boxes as the mouse move. Could it be because in my case I am not making use to the set function as mentioned in the shared documentation link? This is the pen that uses quickSetter: https://codepen.io/Teebo/pen/PojeQWO This is the initial one: https://codepen.io/Teebo/pen/MWoGWGp I have tried something like below also: This still does not give a performant and smooth animation. const boxSet = gsap.quickSetter(movableElement, "css"); boxSet({x:(e.clientX * shiftValue) / 250, y:"random(-10, 10)", duration: 1}) Am I missing the point of the quickSetter function?
  7. Hey Cassie, 🙂 great!, thanks a lot, I will definitely check it out!
  8. Hi, I'd like to check if the implementation I have is optimal and a better way to achieve this feature. I do not have examples to show but only the pen I have created. I have to onMouseMove handlers on the pen. I would like to also put back the elements to their initial positions when when the mouse moves out of the section. Any guidance or suggestions are appreciated.
  9. @OSUblake Yes I have, I am beginning to think the issue is not with the ScrollPlugin. Thanks a lot for assisting
  10. @OSUblake I still need help, I thought I give it a try first before I ask. But I'm still having a challenge
  11. Hi, I would like to reset the scroll position before navigating away from a page. ScrollPlugin seems to remember the position from the previous page when on a new page. I have a sample usage: gsap.to(window, { scrollTo: { y: this.triggers[i].trigger, autoKill: false }, overwrite: true, duration: 1, ease: 'expo.out' });
  12. Hi @GreenSock OK OK I see, thanks so much for this feedback. It works very well on my side; Thanks a lot 😃
  13. @OSUblake version 3.6.1 does not solve the issue on my side
  14. Yes I think that the onEnterBack has a bug; please let me know if I am missing something 🙂