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  1. Thank you @Karliky

    It works well.

    But that needs one extra container. If I have a lot of targets on page I can easily lost one.

    This is interesting for me how 'relative' affects on animation.

    If we will use something like:

    if (entry.isIntersecting) {
      gsap.to(target, { y: 100, duration: 10 })

    — it runs like we expect. Even if parent is relative. 🤷

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  2. Hello dear friends.

    I try to use some parallax effects using Intersection Observer following this article: https://medium.com/elegant-seagulls/parallax-and-scroll-triggered-animations-with-the-intersection-observer-api-and-gsap3-53b58c80b2fa


    When I set wrapper position to relative its elements which I want to animate are getting last stop of animation and don't listen to progress property.


    Thank you in advance.

    See the Pen gOaKjbw by DmytroSur (@DmytroSur) on CodePen