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  1. Ok guys so I got it working Thanks for your guidance
  2. Hey PointC This change is supposed to happen on button click yes, but when the user clicks the button I need to check if my header is opened, if it is the tween should be to black, if the header is not opened the tween should be to white. And when the user clicks the button again I need to reverse that timeline Cheers
  3. Hey Mikel First of all thank you very much for your help. Indeed I tried a similar solution, but then my reverse animation doesn't seem to work anymore if I do that Cheers
  4. Hey Greg Sorry if I wasn't clear enough. I need to change the lines color dinamically. When you click the burger the lines will tween from black to red as per your example. But sometimes I need to tween them from black to white for example. So everytime I run that timeline I need to set those lines background dinamically. I think that what I need is the unvalidate method for what I have been reading.
  5. Hi guys, thanks for your help. What I need is to change the background color of the div's that make up the burger dinamically when I call the play or reverse method on my timeline. Is there a way to pass those? Cheers
  6. Hello When my website launches im creating a timeline and then saving it in an object so later I can control it's playback. Thing is, when I call that timeline again, I would like to pass a parameter that will change the background color of my animation dinamically. I know that the timeline is just an object, and going to _first.vars.background I could change the color, but this is cumbersome. Is there a more direct approach so when I try to play or reverse my timeline I could pass parameters directly and change the burger background color? Thanks in advance :)