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  1. Thomas James Thorstensson's post in Calling a method in another Typescript class with tl.call() was marked as the answer   
    Replying to myself here as I found the solution I think. The below works 😎
    .call(() => { this.imageTiler.doFadeOut(1) //Call the fit function again as action box size is variable and brand area may have been re-sized/hidden },[1], 3)
  2. Thomas James Thorstensson's post in GSAP Split Text Artifacts IE 10,11 was marked as the answer   
    Thanks, you Snoop got it figured.
    I also can report in, that using staggerTo or staggerFrom instead and just feeding it an array more or less allowed for the same effect, without the rendering issues.
    And I would like to come with a suggestion, towards the end of this report. Since the rotation:0.01 trick is so common, to make things run faster in some browsers, and seeing that it works, it would be great if there could be a global setter or something where you could just globally on all elements set rotation 0.01. 
    (Seeing as It is often a good fix).
    Many Thanks and I shall now close this post.
    Until next time,
  3. Thomas James Thorstensson's post in TweenLite + CSSPlugin What Is Most Minimal Filesize Configuration? was marked as the answer   
    Thanks to all that replied and thanks Mr Jonathan.
    Yes I went down the route of using minfied versions of the CSSPlugin and TweenLite and that seems to be the best option
    So, I have marked this as solved!
    See you around, Greensocks
  4. Thomas James Thorstensson's post in TimelineMax.to >>> insert TweenMax was marked as the answer   
    Hello Carl,
    Snoop here. Yippii. This answers what I was trying to do               
    Seeing clearly now again!
    It seems to me I can just use repeat on some little something with 0 time just to set it to tween max. And then go about my business!!!
    Thanks. See you around.