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  1. wow.. solution was already in the answer. I need to learn a lot. thanks again. 😊
  2. @ZachSaucier I've another doubt. In this case when drag the handler the page scrolls up and down. Is it possible to get current vertical position of the scroll bar, while drag the handler?
  3. Wow. I like this approach better.
  4. Thanks @ZachSaucier you're a life saver! 😀
  5. var drag = Draggable.create("#handler", { trigger: "#handler", type: "x", bounds: {minX: 0, maxX: innerWidth}, onDrag: function() { const progress = this.x / distObj.x; //why dividing? tween.progress(progress); ST.scroll(progress * distObj.maxY); //why multiplying? } })
  6. Wow.. @ZachSaucier Awesome. This is what I want. Thanks. But I'm finding some difficulties in understanding the functions. Could you please give me a small explanation.
  7. Hi, @ZachSaucier yes when user drags the draggable circle the page should scroll at the same time, when page scrolls down the draggable circle should move respectively.
  8. I've a draggable bar, which can be drag horizontally. What I want to do is, on page scroll Is it possible to trigger draggable event to drag? Or is there any other way to achieve this. I already posted this question in StackOverflow but didn't get any response, So if someone could help me on this that would be appreciated.
  9. Thanks. I'll go through that.
  10. Thanks for the idea. I'll try that out. 🙂
  11. Hi, ZachSaucier, Thanks for the quick response. Could you give a demo using this scenario. I didn't get a clear idea on that. When I drag the handler the years belt starts to move and the handler can move from 0- 1440px (width of laptop screen width). When handler reaches around 1400px, the years belt will be at the last dot. So, how to find out the handler is passing which dots?
  12. Hi, I've been trying to re-create the history timeline where I found in: https://www.longines.com/company/history/20th/1939 I tried up to a certain point, after that i'm out of ideas. I've provided the work i've done so far. Up to now i've done the following things, OnDrag the handler, the years dots moves OnClick the year dot, page will scroll to the relevant history topic. Now I'm struggling in following areas, how identify, the handler is in between which two years dots, have to show the years data in the handler on passing each year dot, the content should scroll to relevant topic . If you look at the link you'll understand what i'm saying. And even-though, I manage to move the years dots, at end of it, the handler is going pass the last dot. If you look the reference link. They are correctly managing it. I've been trying this for last couple of weeks now. If you guys help on this that would be great.