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  1. Zach, In this specific event yes, the slider/scroll will be one long continuous story that will carry the user from scene 1 - 4 left to right. In the story there will be animations with stitched together images. I then want the user to have the option to pick a scene or skip the story with the link "see more content" --(skip) that skips to the "more content." Once it skips or the user goes through the story it returns to native scrolling.
  2. Hi, I am new to gsap and currently trying to figure out how to make a banner using scroll magic. I would like to animate the scroll by using an id and using the gsap scrollTo plugin. I have looked at examples on both gsap and scroll magic but they both break the progress bar/slide animation and/or on click will go to the id but won't animate the scroll. If someone can point me in the right direction it would greatly be appreciated!!! https://codepen.io/anders-villomann/pen/gOaqeGB?editors=1010 Cheers