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    Finally. The one i was waiting for this Awesomeness feature! Kudos to the Team! :)
  2. Hello Guys, I found a pen to update the Image, on scroll. but im not able to add transition on update like fade/slide in. can anyone tell me how to do that please. https://codepen.io/pixelpillow-projecten/pen/OGXpoO?editors=1010
  3. Hi Zach, Thanks for your reply, I'm still not able to get what I wanted to achieve please help. What I wanted to do is I have a •HTML one Image DIV •JS I have 5 images on array and 5 triggers of Start & Stop respectively. ▪︎What I wanted to achieve is on scroll start I want to smooth fade In the Images one top on another When the trigger Hit Start Marker. I'm trying to use set() method but that's instant. I'm not able to apply and smooth fade to it. Also I tried for each method but I'm not sure how to link the scroll in it. Can you please guide me any respective tutorial or how to do this please. Thanks in advance.
  4. Hello guys, How to update an image on Scroll, ive tried invoking a function on scroll. seems its not quite there yet, can you guys guide me where im going wrong or a better way to do this. Here's a Codepen im experimenting with: https://codepen.io/vimaleurakaa/pen/BaNXzjb?editors=1010