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  1. There is a way you can use CDN link on the head inside nuxt.config.js, but then again i want to go via the NPM route. I ended using a package that helps with all issues mentioned above: https://github.com/ivodolenc/nuxt-gsap-module Thanks for the help btw!
  2. Still having the same problem with Nuxt (v. 2.14.6) trying to import it as a plugin. Importing it in each and every component works, but if i want to go the "global" plugin way, i get that "gsap is not defined". I tried everything mentioned in this post and this post ( ) without any luck.
  3. @GreenSock the “/“ part was a typo while transferring the code to the post. Btw, i have used the UDM approach and had the same issues. Right now i am importing the library in each component i want to use it.. Your documentation really shines, but it would be great to have a section where you guide people using your library in different well known JS frameworks (VueCLI, NuxtJS, NextJS, etc.)
  4. Hi @ZachSaucier, thanks for the reply! Actually you import everything you need in a plugin (first image) and then you use this plugin inside the config.js file of Nuxt. This way its cleaner.
  5. Hi, Maybe something else is happening in my case since i am using what mentioned above and still get "gsap not defined". Feel free to check code blocks below. I dont understand why this is not working. I am on latest Nuxt version (2.14). Thanks!
  6. Hi there! Thanks for the instant response! I think I can wait for a while to get something that will be maintained by you guys!! A quick one: Can i start playing the timeline animations at a specific section of my website and not just after the page is reloaded? Thanks again!
  7. Hi! This is my first post as I have just started exploring the front-end development. I am using GSAP in conjunction with ScrollMagic. For some reason, when i scroll, the animation will not follow the duration as declared in the timeline, but it will start executing based on the duration declared in Scene. The problem is that when the user scrolls through the animations, at some point the animations end, and the page is scrolled down very fast, as if we don't have control over the scrolling. I was reading this post ( ) yesterday [which was very informative], but if i go and remove duration from Scene, then pushFollowers is disabled and the section overlaps with content below.. Any idea how to tackle this? Thanks in advance!
  8. If we remove the duration, then pushFollowers is disabled and the section overlaps with content below..