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  1. Hello! Are there any issues with using scrollTo in Firefox? I have an activity that works in Chrome and IE, but I keep getting a console error in firefox saying that my function (onNavButtonClick) is not defined. the test site is here: http://coursecontent.everspringpartners.com/testing/gsapBarometer/# I seem to only be having this issue in Firefox. Any help is very much appreciated. Thank you!!!
  2. Yes! That did it, Jack. Didn't realize I was running an older copy. Thanks to both of you for your help! Happy Holidays, ErinD
  3. Hello, I am creating a barometer that has an interactive needle for the user to adjust. I used the draggable type rotation to set it to spin, however when I tried putting in the bounds, (bounds:{minRotation:0, maxRotation:90}), it is not recognizing the bounds at all. Also, when I have tried to get the info on where the needle's last rotation degree lands (onDragEnd:function() { console.log(this.rotation);}), the console logs it as undefined. Any clues why this is not being applied? Thanks, ErinD function init() { console.log("yeash!!!!"); needleImg= document.getElementById("bNeedle"); barometerImg=document.getElementById("barometer"); smallForm=document.getElementById("groupThis"); //console.log(needleImg); TweenMax.to(needleImg, 3, {css:{rotation:145, transformOrigin:"193px 47px"},ease:Elastic.easeOut}); Draggable.create(needleImg, { type:"rotation", throwProps:true, onDragEnd:function() { console.log(this.rotation);}, bounds:{minRotation:0, maxRotation:90} }); }
  4. Hi, here is the code: function thumbClicked(evt:MouseEvent):void { var num:uint = thumbArray.indexOf(evt.currentTarget); var swfd:SWFLoader; if (swfd == null) { swfd = new SWFLoader("img/" +folioXML.piece[num].filename, {onProgress:swfProgress, bgColor:0xffffff, scaleY:.71, scaleX:.73, container:movieContainer}); swfd.load(); } else { swfd.unload(); removeChildAt(0); swfd = new SWFLoader("img/" +folioXML.piece[num].filename, {onProgress:swfProgress, bgColor:0xffffff, scaleY:.71, scaleX:.73, container:movieContainer}); swfd.load(); } captionHolder.text = folioXML.piece[num].description; titleName.text = folioXML.piece[num].title; addChild(newMask); newMask.y = 30; movieContainer.mask = newMask; var movBack:createMask = new createMask(582, 350, 0xffffff); addChildAt(movBack, 15); swapChildrenAt(0, 15); movBack.y = 30; TweenMax.to(movBack, .01, {dropShadowFilter:{color:0x333333, alpha:.8, blurX:6, blurY:6, distance:6}}); } I appreciate you taking the time to take a look! Thanks
  5. Hi! Testing locally I didn't come across this issue, but once I uploaded to my website, I noticed that when I click a thumbnail in my portfolio section, the swf does not load right away. In fact, It has to be clicked a second time for it play. Is there a way to overcome this so it works on the first click? Thank you site here: http://www.erindawson.net