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  1. @PointC Hi, I never even thought of that! Thank you for your help, it worked!
  2. @ZachSaucier Hi, Thank you for the tip! I managed to make the image scale while hovering over text. What I'm trying to accomplish is to hover over text OR image, and the image will scale. I managed to do that, but when the mouse moves from image to text or text to image, the scaling animation is choppy during that transition. Is there a way to smooth that out, or pause the animation while the mouse moves in between elements?
  3. @Jonathan @Carl How how would this work if you want to hover over one object, and it triggers the scaling animation of a different object? Is it possible to do that without parenting the second object to the first object? For example, I want to hover text, which then scales an image.
  4. Chronic

    Circular menu

    @mikel @ZachSaucier Thank you both so much! I'm trying this suggestion out and I'll update with a pen if I run into some problems. I'm gonna try to dissect what you guys did since I'm kind of new to coding. Cheers! ---Chronic
  5. Chronic

    Circular menu

    Hi, I've been trying to make a menu like this: https://maxilla.jp/ where the menu is a carousel and moves when you scroll, drag, or click. I'm guessing I have to use scrollmagic for the scrolling part, but I'm kind of lost. I just want to be able to scroll and the next item follows in sort of a circular path, like a carousel without arrows. I'm not expecting any of you to tell me the answer. I'd be more than happy if you just simply point me in the right direction. Thank you all for your time!