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  1. Hello everybody, I try to get a custom cursor using native scroll proxy. I don't know if this is the best way. It's work with mouse move event .I have compensated the transformed position of '#content' but when I make scroll not working. window.addEventListener( 'mousemove', ( event )=>{ const style = window.getComputedStyle(document.querySelector('#content')); const matrix = new WebKitCSSMatrix(style.transform); gsap.to('#triangle',{ x: event.clientX, y: event.clientY - matrix.m42, yPercent:-50, xPercent:-50, duration: .05}) }) Somebody knows how to get this result when we make scrolling?
  2. Hello Zach, Ok perfect.I use codepen too. Then I will mention you in twitter for this. Recently I public a tweet with the hashtag #gsap linked to a codepen with full code but It's possible you didn't see. I used a few advices that you and people of the forum gave me and I thought could be interesting to share the code. Thanks
  3. Hello there, the title is the question and I mean into the forum. I don't know if it exists but i think would be help us.
  4. Ok perfect ! I thought that there was an other way..., but pass "this" like parameter works perfect. Thanks.
  5. Hello there, I have tried to change boolean (this.stop) value into the callback but It isn't work. I can get this using this: gsap.fromTo( cube.position,{ x: 150 }, { x: -150, duration:4, onComplete: this.finishGsap.bind(this), onCompleteParams: [ this.stop ] }) You can check into console this.stop value. But I can't access to the methods of the tween like ( this.time()) and other solution was pass 'this' like a parameter but I'm sure this isn't a good idea. I would like to use both into the callback. Anybody can help me? Thanks.
  6. It's perfect !!!! thank you so much. I have a lot to learn about GSAP is amazing.
  7. Hello there, I tried to reply the smooth movement of the yellow ball with GSAP when it's up and down. I'm sure there is one way to get this. I get something but It isn't a good result, the green ball make rough change when finish. I made an example in codepen to understand it better. Anybody can help me please? Thanks !!!
  8. I guess GSAP is animating the property's position of the object. It isn't a problem to pass object like parameter. Thank you very much for your answers !!!!
  9. I'm working with three.js and the object is a mesh and with gsap animation the position. But I want to access to the mesh ( 3D object) gsap.to( object3D.position, { duration: 10, motionPath: { path: gsapPath, type:'cubic', },onUpdate: this.runGsap, onUpdateParams: [ object3D, this.startHSL, this.sizeHSL, 10 ] }) I pass like parameter object3D in onUpdateParams but I think It isn't necessary. In this case with targets[0] I have the vectors of position.
  10. Totally yes !! Thank you so much. following your example, can you access to 'box' in onUpdate ?
  11. First of all congratulations, GSAP is extraordinary !! I'm beginner in this. I would like to access to time's property ( duration tween ) in onUpdateParam() Something like this : this.parent._time (And I can't find the main object here... )