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  1. Joe_midi, you can see the results when the form is submitted, it is open for everyone to look at. Unfortunately, not many answers yet, i'll work on spreading this survey to more forums...
  2. Hey all. Posting here a survey/form about HTML banners, ways of working, etc... Completely anonymous, not collecting any emails. Just want to get some sense of where the "industry" is, cause I couldn't find much info on Google. Please fill-in if you want/can. You can also view the responses yourself after filling in. Feedback on the survey itself will be much appreciated too. Thnx! Survey here: https://forms.gle/zk9hcURzF16vW4Nq7
  3. hello Zach here is a previous question, whoever responded with the working codepen did what I did, i.e setup a proxy, but the feature request remains ( ) , instead of the proxy way, have it as a built in method (again: the problem is that progress() as-is does not reflect the easing chosen for the specific tween): (posted here because i did not find a dedicated feature-request forum...)
  4. Hey Greensock Would be great to have the progress() function return 0-1 normalized with the selected easing. I just animated the rotation of car wheels, and needed that rotation to match the easing of the tween of the car's movement. Ended up using my own method, by fetching one of the tweened properties ( (current_value-start_value)/(end_value-start_value) ), but a generic progressWithEasing(), or another property to the progress() method, like 'normalize with easing' or something would be great... Cheers.
  5. thnx for the above, I am actually using your engine in one of my projects in the exact way you suggested. I am trying to get a png sequence out of an animation. Is it correct that as long as I pause() and seek to a time() with a high resolution, lets say 100fps, that I will get that frame-rate even without changing the ticker's methods or framerate? meaning, you don't do any rounding of CSS parameters in the engine itself? hope question is clear, thnx!
  6. Yes, I am expecting the repeats to execute a many as needed to the seek point. Anyways, I changed the code to use onUpdate instead of repeats, and it works:
  7. Hey all I have a repeating timeline nested inside a master timeline. When I play the master timeline all the repetitions of the child timeline are executed, but when I seek the master timeline there is only 1 execution. See the Codepen: press play and you will see a counter step from 0 to 5. But click the button to seek, and the counter goes only to 1. Any ideas or elegant workarounds? thnx in advance, Sa'ar
  8. OMG so embarrassed... thnx and sorry for the trouble
  9. Hey everybody I am looking into building a complex nested timelines project which I will ask about later, but for starters: why is remove() stopping the master timeline in the Codepen example? thanks in advance, Sa'ar