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  1. Hi GreenSock community! Need help. please try to run this site with Mozilla Firefox browser: https://r-dot-stage.000webhostapp.com/ Is there a known issue with mozilla when it animating elements? animations works well in other browsers
  2. Seems like i'm doing something wrong. I tried to use .tweenTo( ) with given parameter of 0.7sec, but animation "jumps" to that point. Usage with .reverse() gives the same result on reversed state of animation, it "jumps". Also having an issue with position of animation, while i hover that block, it always "jumps" farther and farther (check demo on codepen) Also i think that i need to unbind mouseleave event after i have played animation fully
  3. Hi community! First of all i want to say that GSAP is awesome! Pleasuring to use it, don't know now how things will be done without it.. So the problem where i had stuck is next: First imagine page, with content, images, svg elements, and they are animated on start by css, let's say - "initial sliding animation". Then we have next: We have two visual blocks. On click the block expands => "Triangle button" become visible. => Content inside it changes and animates => Content under it becomes visible, and we can scroll the page. ("Triang