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  1. Is there anything like this which allows you to change duration of each animation, starting point and end point of each sequence. TIA.
  2. Yeah, but later on need some complex animations as well. Like Reveal text, text highlight etc.
  3. This the process for creating a video (.mp4) Get each animation frame to DataURL or blob. Use FFMPEG to create a video from that blob. I thought GSAP Splittext thing works on Canvas as well using Three.js aur PixiJS, but found out that it works only for DOM. Yeah, we can create all those animation using FabricJS or any other canvas library. I thought GSAP would save my time and it will quicker.
  4. Hi, I want to create text animations (typewriter, fade words etc) in Canvas and then get each animation frame to create a video of it. So i want to know which Canvas library i should be using with GSAP? Three.js or PIXI.js and what's the reason behind it? i'm currently using FabricJS Thanks,