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  1. Oh brw.. it wasn't originally like that. I actually did one with particles and then masked them with alpha .. But it crashed my ae app and the if it saved a backup, it's well hidden
  2. Thank you. Close.. so 2 decimals and css... Got it. I'll try and find if theres a universal preloader
  3. I actually want to animate each layer individually.. by cutting and pasting the code of course.. Im referring to the preloader. There's a universal one for the entire library features, right? ... Instead of one "min" file, one for which animation, one for easing , etc... Am i correct?
  4. Sorry about my grammar. It's my wonderful Samsung s9's autocorrect's fault.. i sweat
  5. I attached a link to how AE bodymovin likes to automate animating... Its a mess, even to upload/ download/ref the right player.. I read post here about singling out the layers instead of classes and id names.. i understand that there's a possibility i would have to identify these layers in css (i assume) if class .xample .layer_4, or a # that identifies which div... I also assume there's a one library script for all that i can put either in <head> or bottom of the body, right? To avoid even bigger headaches and cross referencing, tap into the code generated and not bother actually exporting ... and then rename each file used and avoid having to use their folders as default referencing, to avoid worrying about moving the files as needed.. Im assuming i export in 3 decimals?. .[ but really... i just want to get to animating and identifying it all by the assigned layer names and cleaning up their order is the best way to go. Just concentrate on animating without having to go back and forth with their hierarchy.. Can someone advise me on the export settings to do this? THANK YOU
  6. Thanks for that ... Im workiog on this one now... the images in the grid/mural are randomly placed and because its all classes, I made it all too complicated... anyway, the idea is to click an image and then have that image open up as a card, etc... I did the card animation, but yeah... I'll try that and continue the card animation with masks and as page transitions. Thanks https://codepen.io/Mmaarrkk/pen/JjdwOZK
  7. What about using the json file that bodymovin generated as an API call? Is there a code for that? Where i can make commands upon click or as a transition?
  8. https://codepen.io/Mmaarrkk/pen/rNVdyQe Here's the only one i did that has worked, but only because the js is in the html. I tried building it from the json file that Bodymovin generated from After effects... Ive done previous animations with this illustrator piece a few times... i tweened it once.. but this gsap platform, as much better as it is, it's something ive been hitting a brick wall with.
  9. New to Greensock but have over a decade experience in animation and after effects, blender, maya, mudbox,... coding a working interface and how to get all the examples ive tried to work , working, is becoming a weeklong mission. Im using bodymovin...
  10. I am new. I have done plenty of projects with the old tweening system here... only now, they seem like flukes. I want to successfully set up my animation studio and am in a middle of a deadline. I understand that there's a powerful community here with a support program? Once I get going, I can create and be a contributing member of value. Having said that, any help is greatly appreciated.
  11. Thanks. Ok. Does the Muse Motion 2 widget/addon have the same features listed here available?
  12. Does greensock have a platform for comment forum php that resembles bootstrap?