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  1. Hi ZachSaucier, Thanks a lot for all the help. Before I changed the images' width property, I tried doing it with scale. Problem is, it looks like the orientation gets all messed up, don't know why. Following your advice, I did a codepen copy of the website (minus the images) for you to see. Notice the (horribly) colored images on the right of the screen when you scroll. https://codepen.io/leleoalmeida/pen/poJaZrZ Regarding ScrollMagic, thanks for showing me that it is possible to do it with GSAP natively! I'll definitely take a look into it. Thanks once again for the help.
  2. Hi all. I have finished my company's website using GSAP to animate some elements. They look just as I wanted, and I love it, but it does seem to have been causing some laggy scrolling and animations. I thought it had something to do with the initial transform properties of the leaves, but disabling it didn't help at all. Please have a look at https://twocan.design and try to see what it is. Huge thanks in advance, and let me know I can provide any other type of info to help.