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  1. Hello, Trying to figure out if you can time a gsap animation with a video. For instance, 17 seconds into the video fire of a gsap animation. No matter the load up time of the website. Is this possible? If need be I can try to emulate a demo.
  2. Thank you!! This is the reason it works in production and not locally? Production code works fine! Also do I have to use it in every useEffect?
  3. Hello, I truly enjoy using GSAP. I have one issue and i'm not sure I can duplicate it, I do know you require minimum code example for best solution. My code works in production and not locally. All code is same, when I launch it locally the animations freeze, yet when deployed it works fine. I am using react with "ScrollTrigger". Any suggestions you can think of if not I will have to figure out how to duplicate the issue.