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  1. @PointC I finally managed to put it back together. I will only apply your previous tips Thank you so so so much for everything... 🙏🏻❤️
  2. @PointC I am now trying to implement it into the project as it is in the demo video, but again it doesn't work well for the second price box... https://codepen.io/mary_pieroszkiewicz/pen/mdOmpaK
  3. @PointC I think I did it boxes prices like in the demo video, please give me a feedback... Thank you https://codepen.io/mary_pieroszkiewicz/pen/xxRdBqM?editors=0110
  4. @PointC Here https://css-tricks.com/writing-smarter-animation-code/ in this tutorial: "Use functions to create and return timelines" Carl shows doing a function for the same code in the animation, but I have different label names in my project and I don't quite know how it works in that sense...
  5. @PointC thank you for answer. I have a question as to creating one function of repeating elements, there are diffrent names for lebels. What to do in this case ...?
  6. @PointC I found such an example on the forum, I am trying to use it in the elements of changing price boxes. Please help me, I can't cope with the box rotation... THX
  7. @PointC thank you for stuff Can you help with the animation of the boxes with the prices, it is not like that in the demo video: http://www.marypieroszkiewicz.com/animation-gsap/index.html Codepen: https://codepen.io/mary_pieroszkiewicz/pen/mdOmpaK BTW. The question as to creating one function of repeating elements, there are diffrent names for lebels. What to do in this case ...?
  8. @PointC I have a big problem with smooth transitions between one product and another product with the price box too, and also the prospect is not displaying properly. In smooth transitions of what is wrong and what is still missing. Thank you for help. https://codepen.io/mary_pieroszkiewicz/pen/mdOmpaK
  9. @PointC Can I add a second new label to an animated element that already has a label assigned...?
  10. @PointC yes a little help me, but I added "myLabel" label for .showerCabin and .tiles and it doesn't work for me, What is wrong...? https://codepen.io/mary_pieroszkiewicz/pen/mdOmpaK
  11. @PointC Thanks - I corrected syntax for GSAP3 in my animation project. But I still have a problem with setting the 3 elements in the animation to animate simultaneously...
  12. I have a problem with setting the correct timings while traversing the animation. I don't know how to set it up well, how addLabel works ... I have read some stuff like , https://greensock.com/docs/v3/GSAP/Timeline/addLabel() , Please could anyone show me how to make a smooth transition for a shower cubicle and tiles plus price boxes at the same time as it is in the demo video: http://www.marypieroszkiewicz.com/animation-gsap/index.html
  13. I managed to do it: https://codepen.io/mary_pieroszkiewicz/pen/jOVVQwX However, I can't cope with arranging elements timing between sequences...
  14. I don't know, how I make a price box perspective rotate and transition the second product at same time I don't know, how I make the transition between the first container with the product and the second container and between the second container and the third container to keep it all smooth As it is in this video presentation. My Codepen in the first post. Thank you for help.
  15. Thanks for all answers. I will not start a new topic. How to make a price box animation skew backwards and fully rotatle forward. My Codepen project above. Thank you for tips.