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  1. @ZachSaucier @OSUblake Thank you both so much! I was trying to figure myself why they weren't snapping and thought it had something to do with the updateProgress function. Blake, very elegant code! Zach, thank you again for the quick response this morning and help.
  2. @ZachSaucier thank you so much for the latest codepen! I have been trying for a while to implement this carousel and Blake's carousel in Vanilla JS with gsap v3 and your code really helped. Unfortunately I am stuck again and I was hoping you can help. If you try the codepen. When you first load into it you can Drag to the right (1, 2, 3 -> 4, 5, 6) and I am not sure why. Any help will be greatly appreciated. https://codepen.io/jomartinez27/pen/PowgKwo