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  1. Hi Carl, After a quick test I am delighted to report that it seems to be working. I will get a more thorough test carried out but, so far, it looks great. The demands of people wanting interactive development to work exactly the same on ie8 as it does on tablets are proving tough to meet (surprised?!) but you guys have come up with a life saving tool. Thank you so much.
  2. Hi Jonathan, Thanks for getting back to me. Unfortunately, the code that I am using is generated using Lectora. I don't know if you are familiar with this but it makes an incredible mess of the html which I am trying to work around. For this reason, it is hard to give you a working example. I will try to simplify a version and stick it into codepen. In the meantime..... The error is being fired when it gets to the hitTest function in the following piece of JS: Draggable.create(droppables, { type:"x,y", edgeResistance:0.85, bounds:$container, dragClickables:true, onPress:function(e) {closeOpenFeedback()}, onDrag:function(e) { $(this).addClass("draggingShadow");}, onDragEnd:function(e) { $(this).removeClass("draggingShadow"); var i = targets.length; while (--i > -1) { if (this.hitTest(targets[i], overlapThreshold)) { console.log(targets[i]); onDrop(this.target, targets[i]); } } decideIfHit(this); }, }); I am running on xp mode using a standard ie8 installation, it should be realistic as it is a virtual machine. As I mentioned, it works perfectly on modern browsers which is making it tricky to troubleshoot. I will try to strip back the HTML and add it to codepen. Thank you
  3. Hi, I have been moving old Flash projects over to using HTML and JS. My projects use a lot of drag and drop interaction so GSAP is fantastic for me. I am having difficulty getting it to work with IE8 (works perfectly with modern browsers). I have narrowed down the problem to be with the hitTest function that causes the error: Object doesn't support this property or method Is hitTest something that doesn't work with ie8 or should I be looking elsewhere for errors? Thanks, Matt
  4. Hi, I am in the middle of a project which involves a main controller swf which loads in individual pages which are themselves swfs. Up until this point I have had the external pages loaded in one at a time as and when they are needed which has worked but can be very slow. What I would like is to be able to load all of other pages in the background as the first one is playing so that it will be ready when the next pages are needed. LoaderMax has been fantastic for loading in my assets for the individual pages and I would love to use it for this also. My problem is that all of the pages seem to be playing over each other when loaded in. I have tried the following: var firstMC:MovieClip=new MovieClip(); var secondMC:MovieClip= new MovieClip(); var queue:LoaderMax = new LoaderMax({name:"mainQueue", onProgress:progressHandler, onComplete:completeHandler}); queue.append( new SWFLoader("page1.swf", {name:"firstClip", onComplete:completeFirst, container:firstMC, autoPlay:false}) ); queue.append( new SWFLoader("page2.swf", {name:"secondClip", onComplete:completeSecond, container:secondMC, autoPlay:false}) ); function completeFirst(event:LoaderEvent):void{ this.addChild(firstMC); } This works visually but unfortunately all of the timers and sounds from the other pages play. I would be incredibly grateful if anyone could shed any light on how I could load in the pages without running them before they are called. Matt