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  1. Ooh, that looks perfect to me, thank you! I'll just remove the max sizes and try it with autoScrolling and see what happens! Congrats for ur support, the best I've ever seen!
  2. Wow! Thank you for answer so fast! I see that recreate the Draggable really not sound like the best solution. I'm considering maybe start the container biggest than im using now to avoid reacreate it and if happens i just increase the size drastically; Thank you 4 help!
  3. Hi @ZachSaucier! thank you for answer I have a chatbot (well, I'm trying haha), so I'm using Draggable to user created and visualize all the workflow, but thinking that this workflow can be ridiculously big, I think about having a container with size fixed and when the target hits the edge I can increase some pixels to container or something like that; I initially think about EdgeResistence, 'cause I was imagining that it has an event that should notify me when the target hits the edge; Sorry about my English I'm not a fluence speaker and not even close to a good one
  4. Hello guys! I'm truly new using Draggable product and I'm having a problem that I didn't find any solution on web I want to increase size to my container when the target hits the edge of. Actually, I'm using edgeResistance and it work very well but instead, I need to start a function that verifies the size of container and increase X px to width or height (depends where it hits) There's any option to verify when the target hits the edge and where (x,y)? Thank you
  5. whisoer


    there's any function that notify when target hits the edge? Cause i'd to increase size to container :3