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  1. Hey @ZachSaucier, I saw how you plugged self.kill(); but it still should only run animating after 0.3 and then kill itself. I am sorry if these are very noob questions. I have just started using GSAP seriously for my project.
  2. Hey @ZachSaucier I understood what you are saying, but I am unable to implement some bits. I have successfully hooked my animation to play when the progress is more than 0.3. if(self.progress >= 0.3){ gsap.fromTo('.intro', 2 , {y:0}, {y: '-100%', ease: 'power4.out',}); } You said " Instead you should make sure it's paused" I tried it by if(self.progress < 0.3 ){ gsap.to('.intro', {duration:0, y:"0"}) } doing this and it didn't work. Also even after my intro going -100% off the page onLeave is not called. I didn't add it on
  3. Sure, I am trying to get the scroll effect like this https://dpotferstudio.com/, @ZachSaucier. They way I scroll a bit it then snaps to the top. It doesn't respond to my scroll instantly. I would want my scroll to respond once the user has scrolled 30% of the view port from the top.
  4. Hey @ZachSaucier, This was exactly what I wanted. The code looks so simple. I will definitely use ScrollTrigger for all my scroll related animation and thanks for the Codepen. I do have one more question regarding this. I have added an animation to this trigger but I want that animation to apply to the trigger element only when user has scrolled 30% of the screen, until then the scroll should not let my trigger element scroll. What happens is that my scrolls happen and then the animation starts. https://codepen.io/bhanu-krenovate/pen/mdPeXrX
  5. I think, I have worked something up. Would really appreciate if someone could check it out. https://codepen.io/bhanu-krenovate/pen/zYqGxYQ
  6. I am trying to make an animation work. The structure of design is such that. Intro section is on the top of the website. Once the user scrolls through the intro section a animation runs which basically moves the intro section to (-)ive y-axis until it goes away. Once the intro goes outside of the I have to remove the intro section altogether(or prevent it to be scrolled back to the intro section). I was able to set the animation up. But the problem is In my animation when my Intro section animates my hero section with other sections start to scroll. I don't want the her
  7. Thanks @ZachSaucier and @mvaneijgen for showing me the right direction. This is my first animation with GSAP. I will use the advice to position the content at the position before animating in future animations.
  8. I am trying to fix the dynamic height which keeps on decreasing as the animation proceeds. I had set the display property as none at the end of my Sequence but it keeps on getting the display property as flex. Temporary solution that I have is to set the height of the wrapper and set overflow to none, but I would like to know the exact way it is done not by the hack. Thanks!