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  1. Hi @Shaun Gorneau Thanks a lot man for help! It works exactly what I was looking for. I found in my project a lot of old modules even gsap old version. where even this one does not work: var tl = new TimelineMax( { repeat:'-1' } ); so I need to add like repeat:-1 and that works fine. Also, positioning '-=1' runs all the rows at the same time. I imported again new version but new version still not working fine with that project. Now, I guess I need to change some modules and see if it can help. Otherwise, hardcode duration will fix the issue hopefully.
  2. Hi All, I got stuck in gsap where Multiple tweens having different properties tweening at the same time. I can fix if the duration is hardcoded but if there is dynamic duration value what I am passing through variable in real app then it does not follow the timeline smoothly. I also tried positioning but in dynamic case, positioning was also not working. Therefore, I need help. I also have added codepen where I have given some hint about what I am trying to do. In the codepen, I am trying to animate rows on one side and image on other side should animate at the same time. image is