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  1. Hi @Shaun Gorneau Thanks a lot man for help! It works exactly what I was looking for. I found in my project a lot of old modules even gsap old version. where even this one does not work: var tl = new TimelineMax( { repeat:'-1' } ); so I need to add like repeat:-1 and that works fine. Also, positioning '-=1' runs all the rows at the same time. I imported again new version but new version still not working fine with that project. Now, I guess I need to change some modules and see if it can help. Otherwise, hardcode duration will fix the issue hopefully.
  2. Hi All, I got stuck in gsap where Multiple tweens having different properties tweening at the same time. I can fix if the duration is hardcoded but if there is dynamic duration value what I am passing through variable in real app then it does not follow the timeline smoothly. I also tried positioning but in dynamic case, positioning was also not working. Therefore, I need help. I also have added codepen where I have given some hint about what I am trying to do. In the codepen, I am trying to animate rows on one side and image on other side should animate at the same time. image is fading away and row's background and color is changing depending on image but timelinemax has sequence whereas tweenmax is running at the same time. timelinemax waits untill one tween ends but i want one group of animations to start and end at the same time then move to another. So could someone please explain how can I achieve it. Thanks in advance! In Short: Multiple tweens with different properties animation at same time. one group of animations start and end at the same time.