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  1. Thank you both. I think I understand now. So if I want to make sure that all `onUpdate`s are called before calling the `call` function then I should attach the `onUpdate` callback to the tween itself, not on the timeline. Otherwise I'll be always missing the last `onUpdate`, which in higher timescale is the only one. Please let me know if I'm wrong.
  2. Hi Zach, thank you for you response. I think it makes sense. But what about my other question? If I attach the onUpdate callback on the tween object itself (not on the timeline), then every time the `onUpdate` is called before the `call` method. Should this not follow the logic you've explained as well? Is there something to do with which object I attach the onUpdate callback to? https://codepen.io/angelgbg/pen/ZEbQKBO
  3. Hello, I've noticed something strange when having a tween in a timeline with a high timeScale. I've noticed that the `onUpdate` callback of the timeline is called after the `call` method (hope this make sense). Please have a look at the logs in the console. Is this an expected behavior? I was expecting the `onUpdate` to be called before anything else (in my case the `call` method). If I attach the `onUpdate` callback on the `tween` object itself then everything works as expected and `onUpdate` is called before the `call` method. Has anyone encountered this?
  4. Hello, I'm trying to migrate a project from TweenMax v1.17.0 to gsap v3.2.0, but I'm facing some issues. Even though I'm currently using an older version of gsap, I'm finding those issues when I compare TweenMax v2.1.3 with gsap v3.0.0. What I have is a timeline where I add new tweens infinitely(like a loop) until some event happens and adding the tweens should stop. At that point I `clear` the timeline and add a final tween on the same target. Using TweenMax v1.17.0(also v2.1.3) everything run smoothly (please open then link and check the pen's console). LINK: TweenMax v1.17.0 However when I use gsap v3.2.0(also v3.0.0), the final tween is executed immediately without any tweening (please open then link and check the pen's console). LINK: gsap v3.2.0 I believe the problem is when I call `timeline.clear` which I think works differently than before. I know than when stopping the loop I can kill the timeline and create another one, but there is more logic around this timeline which is not in the pen and ideally I would like to keep the current timeline, but just clear all existing tweens. Has anyone noticed this issue and have you found a work around? Thank you in advance!