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  1. Hey! I'm still a newbie with Gsap so all my animations were done with anime, so give a brother time to convert over! 🤣 So far the greensock community has been nothing but amazing.. I really appreciate the love! Thanks for the input and I figured it out. https://codepen.io/djcali/pen/MWwoaop
  2. Solved it. Had to do something like this... Thanks again. In the js file. export function gsapSlider(status) { if (status == "start") { startSlider(); } if (status == "kill") { tl.kill(); } } In the Vue Component. import gsap from "gsap"; import { gsapSlider } from "../assets/js/gsapSlider"; export default { props: { pSliderData: Array }, data() { return { sliderData: this.pSliderData }; }, mounted() { gsapSlider("start"); }, methods: { killSlider() { gsapSlider("kill"); } }, beforeDestroy() { this.killSlider(); } };
  3. Hello, I finally finished my slider. I have implemented it on my home page in my app. (I'm using Vue.js btw). I noticed when I leave the home page and goto an about page for example, I see the console giving me gsap target not found errors. I realize that the timeline from the homepage is still playing. I guess my question is how would I go about killing the timeline when traveling to another page? My code for the slider starts autoplay from the start. Thanks !
  4. Well Zach I took your advice and used some logic from a slider that was found on the forum and was able to adapt it and add the features I wanted. Thanks again for all your help! https://codepen.io/djcali/pen/abOmexV
  5. Wow, thank you for the quick reply and point in the right direction. I'm working on your suggestions. So far so good, next button is working perfect. Having some issues with the prev button now. Trying to figure it out, probably have to change the the slide left animation or something of that nature to get it working. Thanks Again Zach!
  6. Hello, I am very new to Gsap but pretty familiar with Javascript. I'm usually good with being able to solve my issues by doing research but can't seem to get this slider to perform the way intended. I know there are probably multiple issues with my pen but the issue I know of is when the next button is clicked it will goto the next slide but of course i'm creating another timeline so everything goes nuts with multiple timelines running. Can any of you experienced animators help me out? Very much appreciated!!