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  1. If I make animations with spiritapp.io, which is built on top of greensock, for paid pages (like Netflix.com, Ancestry.com, etc) does that mean I need to pay for a commercial greensock license? I assume so just want to make sure. This information should be public and I couldn't find it ANYWHERE on their site so I'm making a public question about it here first, before sending them an angry email.
  2. lw1990

    GSAP on mobile?

    Thanks for the response, I think he must have meant that the performance slows the phone to a halt, or overheats it, when the animations aren't done on static svgs wrapped in divs. I've been searching on this forum and found several posts, even some by you, that also repeats his instructions to put SVG's in divs and animate the divs, rather than directly animate the svgs, to improve performance on mobile. I guess the question is how important this really is though.
  3. lw1990

    GSAP on mobile?

    Hello, I'm new to GSAP and I'm considering creating a PWA (progressive web app) that runs on web and mobile devices using SVG animations, my question is would animated GSAP SVGs, where I grab ID's of svg elements using GSAP and animate them that way, work on mobile devices? I found a codepen tutorial that stated GSAP SVG animations do not work on mobile devices back in 2016, just trying to verify this or see if it's changed. The relevant text is highlighted in grey in the screenclip below. The codepen source: https://codepen.io/gregh/post/create-svg-game-coloron