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  1. I'm fairly new at this and have a basic question. I want to have a text box coming in to the frame, then pausing for 2 seconds, then reversing out of frame. Seems simple enough, but really struggling to get this to work.
  2. Exactly what I need. I can't seem to get it to work though. Is there only one place where you swap out the instance movieclip name?
  3. I'm developing HTML canvas banners in Adobe Animate and using GSAP. I have some dynamic text that I'm trying to blur and fade in from invisible to 100. I'm trying to replicate the attached. Can someone point me to some sample script I can grab for this? Also, I have the GSAP Business plan, so I have access to all plugins. Thanks in advance for any help with this! -Gary fadeBlur.mp4
  4. I'm trying to get the GSAP Morph SVG plugin to work. I use Animate to generate code. I'm including the plugin script file. I really can't wrap my head around how I'm supposed to set this up in Animate. I normally copy/paste existing working examples and then tweak code in my actions window. Where do I place the path files of the shape I'm morphing to?