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  1. good luck about this hard time...
  2. I will need nav menu, overlay nav bar, "one page scrolling effect" for differents section2, and full page SVG morph on links... while learning ... I have lot of job! It would be nice to have a basic skeleton of these basic elements for all modern websites if you know any, I'm open with it!
  3. done Zach (my CSS svg dont load, idk why) ...
  4. the problem i have now is that the text "Design Applicatif Développement" is not moving the same way than my biger text "Rennes internet" when i change viewsize.. its a css problem... should i not use CSS to position them and use instead Gsap to position them both ?
  5. Hey Zach ! The result is here where i am working https://produits-locaux-rennes.fr/refonte/
  6. i'm proud i solution it alone, with google help ^^ gsap.timeline({repeat:-1, yoyo:true}) .from(".ux2", 3, {autoAlpha:1, delay:1}, {autoAlpha:0, delay:2}) .to(".ux", 3, {autoAlpha:0, delay:1}, {autoAlpha:1,delay:2})
  7. i think i should must use timeline to do a repeat loop...
  8. HI Gsapers still learnin, i'm doing a sort of slide, auto, with that code : gsap.from(".ux2", 3, {autoAlpha:1, delay:4}, {autoAlpha:0, repeat:-1, delay:4}) gsap.to(".ux", 3, {autoAlpha:0, delay:4}, {autoAlpha:1, repeat:-1,delay:4}) It works not bad, but i'm sure its not the good way to do this... it should just replace ".UX2" by ".UX" using opacity... thanks for you help
  9. ok just find the error, its was on the js : ease:SlowMo.ease.config(0.01, 0.7, true)}); dosnt match i use instead : ease: "slow(0.3, 0.4) and its ok
  10. Searching by myself, i just found this Pen https://codepen.io/christophe-sansonetti/pen/qBdrqWm I edited the code on Pen, it works fine, exactly the animation i need, but when i test it on local it dosent work
  11. Hello As you can see on the Pen I have Balls items. I would just like these balls to magnify a little bit and infinitely, in a loop, I tried to reproduce this code found on this forum but obviously it does not work Thank you for your suggestions.
  12. Chriz

    Parallax and Libs

    Many thanks i will inspect this example
  13. Chriz

    Parallax and Libs

    It should be possible to only use Gsap to do a similar parallax effect i think ? Its finally just a different scroll value from background or other elements ...