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  1. Amazing. Thanks for your great support. Cheers!
  2. Definitely! The thing is - and this is confusing me - when I draw my svg I do so with the object overlapping the beginning of the path. But when I put it in HTML and try to animate it, the object slips away. https://codepen.io/strangler/pen/bGdEVJV My question is, why does it happen? Doesn't it should automatically put the object on the right path? Thank you, Cheers
  3. Thank you @ZachSaucier, very appreciated. One more question: do I have to set "align: "#path" inside motionPath all the time? Cheers!
  4. Hi everybody! I'm finding some trouble when trying to align an object and a path. The object is always apart from the path and I don't understand why. I've tried several commands, but neither with the most basic code I can get the desired result. Only with the "align: "#path" command I can almost get the desired result: https://codepen.io/strangler/pen/bGdEVJV Can you guys help me figure out this one? Thank you in advance, Cheers!