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  1. Hi, I have gone through your tool TransformManager, it's really amazing and is found suitable for one of our application we are going to create. We are going to create a custom tool where users can customize their tshirts, they can add text/images transform it using this tool. Now my question is: Which type of license would be required for such a kind of application usage for TransformManager AS3? Please note that this application would be redistributable where only the compiled format would be delivered. In no case the source of any of the part would be delivered. Only swf files would be distributed. These swf files would be hosted on different domains where the end users would be the free members who can build their designs online and on registering they can save it and get the product done.(i.e. spredshirt.com, fibers.com, etc are similar site which we want to produce.) Please give reply in detail so that we can decide which license would be required as per our usage. Thanks in advance.