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  1. Working now! Thanks so much @PointC 🥳 One more question – this obviously only works with SVG code, rather than a .svg asset?
  2. Very strange, Figma seems to automatically outline svg's when you bring them in to your project ...
  3. Hey @PointC, Thanks for your reply. I just reexpotred it as a stroke (not a solid fill) and still no animation ...
  4. Hey guys, Was following along with your tutorial for the DrawSVG plugin, but can't seem to figure out why it's not animating. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  5. When I tried this, the second timeline kicked in directly after the first, as opposed to playing at the same time which is what I want. Link here if it helps , and thank you.
  6. Thank so much for your quick reply jack, much appreciated. While I have you here, something I'd like to ask re scrolltrigger – is it possible to link two animations to one trigger? Currently I have 2 timelines with 2 triggers, but the trigger points are at the exact same position on the page. I would like to neaten up my code a bit by having one trigger, but animate both timelines, is this possible? Thanks.
  7. Hey all, Pretty new to GSAP, using it on a site I've just built for a client that heavily relies on scroll trigger and physics plugins. Is it safer for me to link all of my GSAP files locally than by using a CDN – at leat for the main gsap lib and scrolltrigger (physics plugin is always local). Thanks in advance!
  8. @ZachSaucier Thank you so much for taking the time to go through this. Your explanation makes perfect sense to me, I'm going to have to take some time to digest the code though 😅, it seems quite complex. Thanks again for your help!
  9. Hey @ZachSaucier, so after a week of figuring out how to setup and use my HTML canvas I've figured out how to draw all of my elements to it, but I can't figure out how to animate them using the method I used in this post . New pen here where I have set up my canvas and drawn my elements to it : https://codepen.io/andrewandopen/pen/jOrQWPx
  10. Thanks @ZachSaucier, I'll do some research and see if I can pull it off. Cheers for your help
  11. Out of curiosity, why don't the GSAP demos for this plugin(which are very similar to the animation I've shown) need to use canvas?
  12. Hey @ZachSaucier, I managed to figure out the easing by using gravity, velocity etc as you mentioned. How would I replicate this exact animation by using canvas as opposed to using the DOM? For clarity I am a background image in each of those coloured shapes that are animated. Thanks for your help so far.
  13. Hey @ZachSaucier, thanks for your help with this, here's a demo of where I'm at so far https://codepen.io/andrewandopen/pen/xxOzgOG
  14. Thanks for your reply @ZachSaucier. Is there a way I can add custom easing to these shapes so that they aren't all falling at the same pace?
  15. Hey all, Just wondering if it possible to achieve what I've mocked-up below using this plugin? Basically, I want all of the shapes to build up and the bottom of the page as opposed to falling off. Thanks in advance.