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  1. I want to use similar image transition after img click like on this page: https://antoni.de/cases/ . I have no idea how to scale. the picture after clicking on the entire width and height of the browser
  2. @ZachSaucier realy thanks for advice . Do you know how I can make the entry animation on timeline , but onLeave reset all delays? I updeted my codepen. Ok so I make it by toggle classes. You can see it on codepen. I write something to still have visible by add class 'active' last or first element depends of scroll direction. That how i make it. Any advices? ScrollTrigger.create({ trigger: ".features", start: "top center", end: "bottom center", onToggle: self => { let { direction, isActive } = self; const featureBoxes = document.querySelectorAll('.feature__info'); if (direction == -1 && !isActive) { featureBoxes[0].classList.add('active') } else if (direction == 1 && !isActive) { featureBoxes[featureBoxes.length - 1].classList.add('active') } } });
  3. ok thank you, i fixed my mistake. I would like the boxes not to overlap when returning up
  4. Hi everyone. I started working with ScrollTrigger and I have a problem with changing the content based on my location. I tried to do it like on codepen, but it does not work as it wants. In the example, the last photo of the kitty sometimes appears and sometimes not. I want to make a similar effect as on https://skookum.com/