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  1. That was the key, I didn't understand why they were jumping. THANKS ❤️ Can you give me an explication of why the object must have a start position set for avoid jumping? Thank you
  2. @OSUblake thank you, I was applying ease none to the stagger.... But still getting this crazy fast speed, I want it slower and not stopping, isn't possible? https://codepen.io/marinagallardo/pen/YzwaVrY
  3. Thanks @OSUblake, I made some changes but... how can I control the speed and duration without stopping? https://codepen.io/marinagallardo/pen/YzwaVrY
  4. Great... so as I see I don't have to use a forEach or something like that to apply to all elements, that's great. Now it staggers, but it stops and makes a break. Also, gets "stuck" at the init. I want it fluid and smooth. How I fix that? https://codepen.io/marinagallardo/pen/YzwaVrY
  5. Hi team, Any ideas on what's going on with the staggering, why it doesn't work? Thank you
  6. I'll try the ease none for the timeline to see if that fixs the stop in timeline transition somehow. Thank you.
  7. Thanks, I've read those threads but still doesn't know how to achive what I want. Can you take a look at my example for understand my need? I need to make a zoom in-out just in one event without pause. Those threads are just making a click zoom, that's easy... but I need a zoom-in-out while the transition. Any ideas please? I'm stuck at this for 3 days...
  8. Also, I am having issues with the ease attribute, seems to ignore the individual apply just listen to the default....
  9. Hi team, I'm trying to create an animated map with a 2d parallax effect. Starting from base, I'm having issues to achive the goals I want for the transition between scenes. As you see, I move through the viewbox to pan and zoom, but what I really want is to make a transition with a zoom in between them all at the same time (a want a smooth bounce between them). Now I have a timeline but it stops at the middle, makes zoom and then go to the next scene. Also, this timeline is getting me issues with the scroll back. Any tips for achiving my goals? Other questions related: - it is possible to create a parallax vibe with the mouse easy with SVG elements or is a headache? My map has a lot of elements inside and I don't know how to deal with this idea without being a nightmare. https://codesandbox.io/s/elated-gates-eyuzm Thank you very much ❤️
  10. Hi team, I have scenes based in viewBox animation (one SVG controlled with mousewheel), but I want to make an upgrade: I want to add the native scrollbar and make the animations progressed while making scroll (example: http://www.town.shimane-misato.lg.jp/misatoto/). Any tips on how to make that? I am inspired this viewBox animation example (https://greensock.com/forums/topic/12017-animate-svg-viewbox/) but I want the behavior of native scroll and progress.... just like this: http://www.town.shimane-misato.lg.jp/misatoto/ Please help, thank you very much
  11. You are my hero @mikel those references are exactly what I need. Cheers
  12. Anyway, if you have any tutorial known for make a parallax progress using intersection observer, please let me know.
  13. Thank you @OSUblake I'll make those changes then. It is my first time using intersection observer, so sorry if you see something dummy. So, to sync scroll with GSAP (I want to make a parallax progress), there is no need to use a scroll handler... OK, I'll work on it. Thank you.
  14. This is my codepen https://codesandbox.io/s/marinagallardo-82use Have issues to make it work
  15. Sorry, the thread made references to GSAP 2 then. I was a little confused. I'm sorry to not providing a demo, I want to but codesandbox.io it's down, I'll try to figure out how to make a codepen demo as a React project with dependencies. I tried for a while without success, I'l try later again. I'm very grateful for your help! I am very newbie, but all of us are newbies before experts and with your help and documentation guide I'll make it. I fixed the missing plugin issue, but gsap translate effect are applying to all elements at the same time, not the visible element... I'll go deep into the Observer, sure I am doing something wrong.