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  1. Many thanks for getting back to me - The first option (the eventCallback) seems to work best, however I've updated the Pen to include the button which decreases the height - basically I need to warn the user when it gets to a certain percentage, the users clicks the 'empty button', the animation starts again and then I need to start the percentage detection process again. Thanks again
  2. Hi there - I'm trying to detect the percentage progress of an animation so I can warn the user that it's nearly finished. I could do an onStart and combine it with a setTimeout, but hoping there was a better solution using just GSAP Any help would be appreciated
  3. Hi there - is it possible to return my div to its initial start position once it has reached the end of the path? I would image this could be done with onComplete: but not sure how to do it. Basically I need the div to return to it's previous position so I can tell it to start again with a button press. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  4. Ok thanks - I had tried that previously...am I doing something wrong? : https://codepen.io/fuzzyduck/pen/YzaeaBG
  5. Hi there, I've checked the documentation for MotionPath and can't see the ability to add a callback function for when the animation has completed?...ideally I'd like this to be called at the end of each loop. Any help would be appreciated. Regards Al
  6. Ok thanks for getting back to me, looks very interesting. Looking at the documentation I can't see a way to stop the looping from top to bottom, is that possible? Also, is it possible to keep the multiple text animations within the sections, before moving on to the next section?
  7. Hi there, we're using scrolltrigger to move though sections, within those sections there are multiple text boxes that are animated in. We're trying to get this work on a touch-screen device so the user cannot scroll automatically from the first to last section with a quick swipe....is there anyway of restricting this? Any help would be appreciated
  8. Ok thanks! that certainly does the job. Kinda odd this isn't a feature of GSAP?
  9. Hi there - I have set a min and max width on a div, however the code below constantly adds 100px to the divs width even though a maxWidth has been set in gsap and CSS, it stops at the correct width, but if you look at the code the width keeps on increasing. https://codepen.io/fuzzyduck/pen/XWVGVNj Any ideas please?
  10. Thank you! - that's exactly what I needed to know, I will try other methods
  11. Thanks...so basically just go read a book? - I'd really like to know if this is possible first as there is nothing in the examples you have shared which demonstrates this.