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  1. Hey there! I've recently started learning GSAP, but I am very much a newbie at this point (not much javascript bg here). I'm looking to have a responsive slider built similar to this CodePen from Greensock: https://codepen.io/GreenSock/pen/JawEyN Not looking to include the skew functionality, but would like to leverage SplitText to animate the titles in and out on drag on mobile devices. If this is something you're interested in, I can provide an animated video demo for both desktop and mobile. Thanks! Kyle
  2. Hey Zach - Thanks for your help! Will definitely consider functions. I'm very new to scripting, so lots of trial and error on my end atm. Could you point me in the right direction when you say " it's simple to get the same effect without ScrollMagic"? I can start researching as an alt to ScrollMagic. Thanks so much!
  3. Hello! I'm building a timeline animation with a fixed layout on scroll. For each of the three sections when you scroll into view 100vh their content slides up (splittext). As I'm using a fixed layout and z-index, each additional scene is layering directly on top. Is it possible to revert previously triggered scenes back their original positions (hidden) when their trigger is scrolled out of view? I tried using .set() but it was glitching inconsistently showing more than one at a time. Thanks