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  1. CHM

    Animate CC and GSAP

    Hey Carl, Thank you, I'll work that into my project and see if I can leverage some of the other things that GSAP can do. CHM
  2. CHM

    Animate CC and GSAP

    Hey explorerzip, Thanks for the advice. I'll take a look at Google Web Designer and see how that works for my project. CHM.
  3. CHM

    Animate CC and GSAP

    Hi Zach, I have watched the videos, downloaded the example files and searched google. The examples worked, and the video are very good, but they were about tweening an object or graphic and I need to play a timeline, or a at least a movie clip containing a timeline in Animate . Thank you so much for responding so quickly - GSAP is just an amazing tool, perhaps someone out there is using a GSAP Animate combination. CHM
  4. CHM

    Animate CC and GSAP

    Hi folks, I'm coming from this as an artist, not a programmer. (read - good with a pencil, but not very clever...) I've made an interactive bock with Animate CC 2020 TweenMax test.flaand AS3 and now need to re-programme with HTML5 Canvas, I used (AS3) TweenMax to scroll my timeline and I'm tying to do the same thing with an Animate CC HTML 5 document, but... I just can't get it to work. I reduced the whole thing to trying to get a simple box to play backwards and forwards but couldn't even get it to play forwards. So what am I doing wrong, it just worked with AS3...