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  1. Hello Everyone, If anyone could assist, it would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Could someone please help me to create a similar menu mouse hover effect? https://www.infineon.com/
  3. Hello, Is there a way to create an arrow when we hover the link with the mouse? https://largo.studio/
  4. This is what i'm looking for... Thanks a lot @kabocreative and @jack
  5. Fantastic! It works fine. I just wanted to clarify that the text now appears at the center of the page. It should begin on the right side of the screen. I've changed the delay/duration, but nothing seems to be working. https://codepen.io/vineethachari/pen/ZExWrWo Much appreciated!
  6. i just want to scroll this onetime means this is suppose to comes in the hero banner of the landing page. if we are opening the site first time it should scroll only in the first time then its disappear. now its keep scrolling.....
  7. Hey, Here is the marquee I created. When I open the site, this marquee should scroll once, but I couldn't find out how to create it without looping.
  8. @uavide howhow can i adjust the animation speed of the reveal?
  9. @SteveS Suppose this will comes in the landing page hero, it should be start the animation from half of the window after the page load or every time if refresh the page. After it can be move continues.
  10. Vineeth Achari


    Hi, How can I move this marquee from the starting of the text, which means it should start from half of the window after the load.
  11. Even when I enable the locomotive js, the background image transition does not work. As the website work is 90% complete, I cannot use any other library. I'm still struggling with this and have tried other solutions, as well as posting in job/freelance. Please help me out with this. Please have a look at this. https://codepen.io/vineethachari/pen/KKoVWaa. (Image transition js i have put it line number 481 you can see in the codepen.) Much Appreciate!
  12. Could anybody here help me please?
  13. Hi, I have developed a new film site, https://vineethachari.cloudvent.net/test/work1.html that incorporates all these plugins (Barba.js/Locomotive/GSAP/ScrollTrigger). The ScrollTrigger JS at the above mentioned URL is commented out as of now. Because, enabling ScrollTriggerJS does not achieve the following section effects. Could someone please help me find a solution to this, as I still have facing some issues with plugins.
  14. hi, I want similar video play and close button for my website. Please check the url link https://www.purecinema.tv/its-quiet-out-here/ and help out.