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  1. That is great Craig, not beyond, need all the practice I can get. Made a goal to get good at this library in 2021. Bookmarked your site, and doing the Greensock Coding club stuff right now.
  2. Awesome guys...thank you so much. I"m just learning about the motion path.
  3. I want the plumb circle to go around the black circle...what did I miss?
  4. 🐈 = " ♥️ ♥️ ♥️ "
  5. hey, cool. Not a specific question per se.
  6. I know it's new, but dang it seems like the perfect marriage with GSAP. Clean, small and simple. Would love to see some blog posts on how to bring these two together in powerful ways.
  7. Really glad GreenSock is doing so well. Thanks for your responses.
  8. I'm sure I'll catch some heat for this, but I'm a little worried about GSAP in the future and if I'll even reach for it anymore. The biggest change has been FramerMotion for React. Making it SUPER EASY to bring animation into a react project. I can see myself reaching less and less for GSAP in the future. Many FED's have never even heard of GSAP these days. While I love the new ScrollTrigger plugin, it feels like this might be the last breath for this library. Now, I get it. The old guard is probably rolling their eyes at this post, but for those of us just swinging around to React, finding high quality React + GSAP tutorials is pretty rare. Couple that with FramerMotion right now. (Which is EVERYWHERE) and the ease and power that comes with it, and this post feels timely. When the GreenSock crew was announcing something big, this was actually what I was hoping for. I'm not ungrateful for ScrollTrigger - it's exciting, but imagine...again, sorry - I don't work for these guys - FramerMotion offering a ScrollTrigger in their library for React. Yikes. Anyway, I would love to hear if there are plans for this sort of thing in the future. Thanks in advance
  9. Thanks I get it, but it should be easier than this. Thanks for the cleanup and explanation.
  10. weird, I thought my code said if TRUE play, else Reverse.
  11. Bananas! having a tough time with something simple. I 'JUST WANT TO REVERSE THE MENU'. https://codesandbox.io/s/great-dream-vt4wb I feel like line 25 should do all the heavy lifting. What am I missing here?
  12. react-gsap? or just the import gsap into the project ? (npm gsap) What are the benefits of one vs the other?