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  1. this site just repeats the scroll. is this possible with scrollTrigger? is it something else? https://wonderland.studio/ the scroll bar just repeats and repeats...not sure how they are doing that.
  2. This was ripped from here: https://codepen.io/PointC/pen/wmmmmK
  3. These are great! Thank you so much. Yeah, I knew I had redundancy and needed to clean things up, but couldn't see it anymore. I really appreciate it. This forum is so fantastic. I can't thank this community enough. I had no idea I could control the timelines like that.
  4. Hi everyone, I've lifted the flip card animations from this forum, and when I click on the cards individually, I get the response I'm looking for. When I hit the "flip all button" the cards don't return to their original positions. There's redundant code in here, so go easy on me, but I've been staring at this too long, and need a second set of eyes, if you please! Thank you so much in advance, I'm sure it's small.
  5. Oh Cassie, thank you so much. There's a lot to unpack here for me. This gets me almost there, but I should be able to take it form here. There are so many different ways to skin a cat. I love how you did this. It's so clean. I'll post my final when I get it done. Thank you again for taking the time to show how these different options are available. I'm sure I'll have some follow up questions as to "why" certain choices were made.
  6. Well, the box would change color, the text would fade out. Essentially that is all I'd want it todo. In my actual project it would also send some attribute data to another area of the application.
  7. Ok, I ditched the first pen and replaced it. Sorry for that. I used some of your code for the update Update: What I'm looking for is how do I make it so that when you click on the red box, it runs its own animation, but at the same time, alters the circle. If I click on any other button, the circle reverses, THEN runs the box animation, then re-runs the circle. Any button not clicked has to go back to its original state. I think I've been working this too long.
  8. Hi Cassie, I think this is going to get me there. I really appreciate it. I'm going to put a more generic demo out as soon as I get it working so that people can fork it. I'm just a bit panicked right now, so I just threw up what I was "actually" working on. Sigh... I see what you did here by breaking them out and checking for reversed on the shared animation.
  9. hi gang, i'm sure I'm missing "something" here. In the codePen listed, only the 30,000 and 158,000 are "wired up" to execute action. 1. I want to loop through all the ".boxes" and only perform the animation for that button. , but I can't seem to figure out if I'm using the wrong tool. 2. should I be using a forEach loop here? 3. Is this the best way to target child elements for my timeline? Thanks in advance.
  10. Hi gang, I'm a Greensock Club member, and am building a basic page. ( no build tools ) how can I use the svgdraw plugin? I only see npm/yarn and CI/CD ( whatever that is).
  11. Your motion tricks tutorials "are the reason" I'm finally going to pull the trigger on pro. Although I've been using codePen for years, I never thought about it, but I've been dabbling with GSAP this past year and your viewBox tutorial was the one that inspired me to start collecting my work. Thank you for those BTW. They're great!
  12. Hi gang, I've been thinking about going pro with the CodePen, and wanted to know from those that have, if it is worth it. Do you find that you would be sad if you cancelled? Did/do you like others like codesandbox instead? Where do you find CodePen most useful? Thanks in advance, - Jason
  13. Oh man, I would love to see this. I thank you for responding! You should make a video!!!
  14. Anyone have any suggestions on how to leverage GSAP AND code out banner ads without the use of animate? I'm looking for a streamlined process I guess is what I"m getting at.