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  1. Hello, I have a horizontal scrolling site with a semi-ready prototype for a pinned scrolling timeline slider. Looking to create a similar solution to this: link Current status & issues what I'm unable to achieve: 1) Reveal animation is wrong - I just have fading effect would need a revealing effect similar to the example (Clip path: polygon likely?) 2) Pinning to the nearest slide doesn't work and switching between slides is a bit glitchy and not straightforward 3) Missing active of total slides index See Codepen demo of prototype: HERE End result should have: - same effect on images as the example site. Text can just fade between slides - slide index (n of x) - slide pinning - dynamic html, since it will be integrated to CMS with a x amount of slides (foreach loop) Happy to discuss pricing and give a green light to finalise. Ok to provide result in Codepen!
  2. Hello, Rodrigo! Thank you so much for this - it works as expected and makes sense and I can continue working towards the end result. On another note I do have a questions regarding this I need to figure out: since the current solution isn't very dynamic do you have examples or could elaborate how this could work with a n amount of slides without classes (it's going to be a CMS solution and the user will add a desired amount of slides)? Have a great day!
  3. Hi, I've created a horizontal scrolling timeline that fades in-out the images and on top a different layer with another image + textarea. The images work nicely since the overlap is no issue but unfortunately I'm still unable to set the text's to fade-in-out and they're overlapping. I've tried different methods of fromTo and from but I think I'm lacking experience and understanding of the documentation to get this right. Also I am trying to keep in mind the solution will be dynamic and according to slide index and not static with classes as in the demo currently (so there could be an N amount of slides on any occasion). Any advice how this should be solved would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance !
  4. Hello, I've tried achieving the smooth scrolling LERP effect for a website but it seems that it does not work with the horizontal scrolling section. When I try to activate it the horizontal section just turns white or just messed up. Any ideas how to overcome this? My pen: https://codepen.io/rulloliver/pen/LYEvomN I've followed this example: https://greensock.com/forums/topic/17300-smooth-page-scroll/ Thanks in advance!