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  1. Thanks! It is help me 😄
  2. Hi! Help me please!)) Now I have loop animation to the right. If I click "Left(reverse)" animation go to the left, but animation stops. What I need do that animation works loop and when i click" Right(play)" and when I click "Left(reverse)"
  3. @Visual-Q When the page has loaded we have such an attribute in the parent. transform: matrix(1, 0, 0, 1, 0, 0); When we start scrolling, the attribute changes to this. transform: translate(-1.86449%, 0%) translate3d(0px, 0px, 0px); Content is jumping. How to solve this bug?
  4. @mikel Thanks I will search other way ) @ZachSaucier Ok, maybe a can talk in a different way 1. I use Windows 10 (x64) Firefox 72.0.2(x64) 2. We have fixed values in example: #dragSpace { width:10000px; //this left:-5000px; //this } #wrapperBoxes{ width: 5000px; //this left: 5000px; //this } .box { width: 300px; //this } I need take result , where boxes (sections) have different sizes. And this width of box depends from child content. Maybe I talk no clear. 3. But if tell true. I'm looking for tools that help me maked this functional on expample https://homesociete.ca/ . Sections have different sizes . When user scroll page the animation of main container is so smooth. a) This is not way because scoll all the section entirely. b) This is not so because sections are the same size. ZachSaucier
  5. Hey everyone. Do you have settings for Horizontal Full-Screen Slider or other your product (plugin), where I can scroll horizont page as an example ( https://greensock.com/forums/topic/20669-gsap-and-scrollmagic-horizontal-scroll/ ) without ScrollMagic?
  6. Hi @mikel This example so good! Can You help me? I have two questions for You. 1. When viewing this carousel in browsers Firefox and Safari, the slides twitch when scrolling. Tell me if this is a browser problem or can we fix it with the Draggable settings? 2. Can I set the non-fixed width of the slides and set the inline width and left for #dragSpace #wrapperBoxes?