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  1. eni9889

    Shake animation?

    This Pen will show the issue on Safari. Just press the wiggle box button multiple times: https://codepen.io/eni9889/pen/RwPMdKN
  2. eni9889

    Shake animation?

    That is odd because if I turn off the animation and hit enter multiple times the same thing does not happen. Also, it does not happen if I use pure CSS animations
  3. eni9889

    Shake animation?

    Hi, I am using the custom wiggle approach from above but the input text moves up when I hit enter multiple times like so any idea what I could be doing wrong? This is on Safari on MacOS
  4. Wow you guys are amazing thank you this is perfect.
  5. This is pretty amazing! Sorry to be a pest but how would I add an easing function so the wheel doesn’t start abruptly?
  6. eni9889

    Lucky wheel

    Hi Sahil, I asked this question on a different post but I figured it might helps others who come to this post:
  7. Hi, I have a spin to wheel animation which I found elsewhere on this forum. My use case is a bit different though as I would like to keep the wheel spinning while I make a request to a server which will tell me which slice the animation should land on and then manually stop the wheel but slowly. The issue is my animations end up being choppy since I am changing the easing functions. Any tips anyone might have to make this work smoothly would really be appreciated.