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  1. Hi, Thank you for your suggestion!! I tried to add event listener to the particular div which has SVG but cursor still has offset. I tried few thing but its not working. Can you please help? Adding my codepen link https://codepen.io/swatiparge/pen/KKBXVVa
  2. This is really helpful. Thanks a lot!!
  3. Hi, I am trying to achieve cursor effect on text. which is first text will have stroke and background transparent. once user hover on text only part of the cursor will show the filled with text color. Something like above code pen but on hover. I have tried multiple things but couldn't find any solution. If you have any reference or solution. it would be really helpful. thanks in advance
  4. Thank you @GSAP Helper Will try to create the effect using gsap.
  5. Hi, @Carl I am trying to add the on hover effect for text. when user hover on text its should fill only the cursor size text with white color. I tried but its showing the entire text white not the cursor size If anyone can help that would be really great!!! Thanks in advance
  6. Hello, I am trying to add horizontal and vertical scroll. First four slide should scroll horizontally and last slide should scroll vertically. In first 4 slides I don't have much content but in last slide I have lot of content so I need to add vertical scroll for the last slide. Right now until 5th slide its working okay even I can scroll vertically too. but when I go to bottom of the 5th slide and try to scroll to top the the 5th slide it's going to previous slide means 4th slide instead of going to top of the 5th slide. Can you please help? I tried but its not working. Thanks in advance
  7. https://codepen.io/swatiparge/pen/rNzaBOj This is my codepen deom. Please go to last slide. there i have added dummy text and its scrolling verticallly but when I scroll up its going to 4th slide
  8. I have added 5th slide and gave overflow-y: auto so its kind of working as i want but when I scroll up its going to previous slide instead of going to top of the 5th slide and then previous slide. Is there any way where when I am on 5th slide its should go to top of the 5th slide and then previous slide?
  9. Actually, In above code it scroll. I am looking for 4 horizontal slides on scroll and then vertical normal scroll
  10. Hey, I'm trying to add vertical scroll after 4 slides of horizontal scroll. but gsap code has converted all section in slides no able to add vertical scroll. adding the demo. https://codepen.io/swatiparge/pen/rNzaBOj Can you please help?
  11. Hey, I am trying achieve something like this: https://www.freespee.com/how-it-works/ with horizontal scroll mentioned above in code pen. Trying to achieve something like the attached image with horizontal scroll They are using GSAP but not sure which plugin for 3D effect. Can you please help where to start or which plugin i have to study to get this effect?
  12. Thank you for your response!
  13. Last year I purchased Shockingly green Plan. Can I use those file now?
  14. @akapowl Thank you so much!
  15. @ZachSaucier Can you please help? What is wrong with code?
  16. Hello, I am trying to draw SVG on scroll horizantally. tried previous demo from forum but it's not working. Not getting any error but its adding scroll to X and Y Can anyone please help? Thanks in advance
  17. swatip

    Text Reveal Effect

    Hey @mikel, Here is my work demo link: https://whitenoise.design/TIF/ Please check
  18. swatip

    Text Reveal Effect

    Hey @mikel, I have tried but its still not wokring.
  19. swatip

    Text Reveal Effect

    Hey @mikel Yeah i am having the same issue with responsive. Its not wrapping automatically
  20. swatip

    Text Reveal Effect

    Hi, I added text reveal animation to paragraph and heading but i am having issue with paragarph animation which has multiple lines. After adding that animation to Paragraph it's cutting the text in between. I checked spliting text into chars, words, lines but its still not working Can anyone please help? Thank you in advance
  21. swatip

    Text Reveal Effect

    Thank you. Its been only 1 or 2 months I have started using GSAP . so i'm kinda new to GSAP