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  1. @mikel That was a helpful one! Figured it out Thanks Adam
  2. I have created this example in CodePen and am wondering why the SVG wave in front is not clipping out the image animation behind. Any help would be awesome. https://codepen.io/adam-knauer/pen/LYEaXJB Thank you!
  3. Thank you for your response @ZachSaucier and for giving me the other thread to check out! I’m sure when I begin working through it more I will have more specific questions that I can ask. That does look very similar and will help me while I’m trying to build my site!
  4. Hello all, I am very new to coding and I am trying to create a website similar to this one: https://www.cavempt.com/ It seems to be using SVG for the wave animations. If you guys have any ideas how I can figure out this effect that would be awesome! Cheers, Adam