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  1. @ZachSaucier I can't repro it on CodePen using the same library versions. I suspect that there's another instance of gsap bundled in my client's global js package. Sorry for not catching this earlier and thanks for your patience!
  2. The specific issue is that the console is reporting that I need to registerPlugin , yet I can't (as you stated above).
  3. Hi, thanks for taking the time to respond. I'm referring to the versions at the top of my post, not v3. In any case, registerPlugin() needs an argument, correct? If window.MorphSVGPlugin is undefined, how can I do that? Yes, the file is loading but nothing in the file exposes window.MorphSVGPlugin
  4. Hi all, I have a client who has a Business membership and they host the files on their own CDN. Unfortunately, they never update the versions. TimelineMax is v1.20.3 and MorphSVGPlugin is v0.8.11 I've requested they update the files, and they say they will, but this is a HUGE tech corporation with a HUGE tech bureaucracy and nothing is ever quick! So my question is -- how do I register a plugin (and use it) in this version? The plugin file does not expose window.MorphSVGPlugin so there's no apparent way to register it as it is undefined. This is my code as