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  1. Thanks all I have enough requests to make a decision. Great way of finding help.
  2. Just tried to contact you Frank and your email address has bounced.
  3. Working for a UK based company in Manchester, I am looking for assistance to develop a number of animations for our new responsive website. I am a developer myself but having only just started with GSAP, the timescales for the project completion date unfortunately do not allow for the time to learn. Part of the role would be to explain the code – if not self-explanatory – allowing us to feel comfortable managing the code in the future. My assumption is each work package can be a self-contained allowing me to drop into the page where necessary. The designs are approved, and development started. We will supply the SVGs and if necessary some video examples of the actions. After I have put together the whole site it will be put into Umbraco CMS for management by the Content Editor team. Apart from my the development aspect main my requirement is it needs to be absolutely perfect on in all browsers and viewports with the code easy to understand and nicely written. If anything slightly jumps, delay on hover I see it straight away, and can’t get past it! The more local to ourselves the better, but would prefer an someone with the GMT timezone to help with communication. The work can be completed ASAP once you are set up on our supplier database, and would love forward to you bringing your ideas. If you bring high level skills in the areas of GSAP, JavaScript, CSS and you have a portfolio you can present us, please feel free to contact us with reference material. I can then send you the designs in more detail.
  4. This is excellent, solved my issue thanks. I had looked at shapeIndex but couldn't see how it would work in my situation In terms of the scale option this actually is probably what I will end up using so thank you for the complete answer!
  5. Can anyone help with my beginner problem? This is part of a bigger SVG but is the only part I am having trouble with. I need to understand why the M part of the logo doesn't move smoothly into position? Thanks